Board certified otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon, experienced and interested in field of facial plastic surgery with more than 1400 cases of primary and secondary septorhinoplasty, and hundreds of cases of blepharoplasty, structural fat grafting, otoplasty, endoscopic brow lifting, also experienced in minor office procedures such as thread lifting and botox and filler injection.
More than 10 international publications most recent of which are focused on septorhinoplasty.
Experienced in educational activities as assistant professor of otolaryngology and in continuous medical education for post graduate students.
Also experienced but not truly interested in surgeries of other fields of otolaryngology such as tonsilectomy, tympanoplasty, mastoid surgery, skin cancer resection and reconstruction, endoscopic sinus surgeries and neck tumor surgeries.

  • Primary septorhinoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Otoplasty
  • Thread lifting
  • Other common surgeries in the field of ENT
  • Secondary septorhinoplasty
  • Endoscopic brow lifting
  • Botox injection
  • Filler injection
  • Outpatient ENT practice

Assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery

International branch of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences SHIRAZ – IRAN 09/2012- 07/2015

  • Operated on an average of 20 patients per week to correct deformities, repair injuries, restore functions and prevent and treat diseases.
  • These operations included repair of various head and neck traumma, tonsilectomy, adenoidectomy, tympanostomy, tympanoplasty, tympanomastoidectomy, minor neck tumor surgeries, septoplasty, and the most frequent operation has been septorhinoplasty.
  • Taught complete course of otolaryngology to medical students, in oral presentations and also inpatient visits and teaching courses in operating room during the live surgeries.
  • Frequently conducted research to develop and test surgical techniques that would improve operating procedures and outcomes in field of otology and facial plastic surgery. Many of the researches has led to international publications
  • Administered and prescribed appropriate courses of treatment, including pharmaceutical medications for patients referred to outpatient ENT clinic.
  • Delivered medical services to 30 patients daily in office and hospital environments.
  • Admitted and treated patients as part of the hospital’s 24-hour on-call services.
  • Consistently improved patient quality of life through surgical procedures, treatments and professional medical counselling.
  • Managed, directed and coordinated activities of nurses, assistants, specialists and other medical staff.
  • Effectively led teams of junior level physicians, nurses and medical students in caring for inpatient, outpatient, and surgical patients to ensure quality care.

ENT surgeon
Gandhi hotel-hospital Tehran-Iran 11/2015 - current

  • Operated on near 200 cases of primary septorhinoplasty, secondary septorhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, structural fat grafting, endoscopic eyebrow lifting etc.
  • Frequently conducted research to develop and test surgical techniques that would improve operating procedures and outcomes , the latest of which is published as a book chapter to address major issues in secondary septorhinoplasty.
  • Administered and prescribed appropriate courses of treatment, including pharmaceutical medications for the patients referred to ENT clinic

ENT surgeon
Besat hospital Shiraz-Iran 09/2012 - current

  • Operated on more than 900 cases of primary and secondary septorhinoplasties, and frequent cases of otoplasty, blepharoplaty, structural fat grafting, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction.
  • Provided a comprehensive postop care program for follow up and installation of medication if needed.
  • Managed a team for the program of health tourism to transfer hundreds of patients from GULF countries who were candidates for facial plastic surgeries.
  • Providing online 24 hour access for these patients to have the opportunity to consult any probable post-operative issues, even years after surgery.
  • Taught continuing medical education to post graduate students.

ENT surgeon
Aliasghar hospital Shiraz – Iran 12/2012 – 01/2015

  • operated on more than 150 cases of primary and secondary septorhinoplasty and frequent cases of otoplasty, tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy
  • Attending at general ENT clinic and prescribing medical treatments and post-operative care for the patients.

ENT surgeon

Novin Iran Clinic, Shiraz Iran 09/2011 - current

  • Operated on more than 100 cases of blepharoplasty and structural fat grafting under local anesthesia.
  • Providing comprehensive post-operative care for more than 1000 cases of septorhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgeries, operated in governmental and private hospitals of shiraz during the 5 year period.
  • prescribing medical treatment for outpatient referrals

General Practitioner:
Novin Iran Clinic. Shiraz-Iran 05/2007 09/2008

  • Outpatient visit and medical and pharmaceutical treatment.
  • Specialty Board Certificate of Awarded for being among top ten national rank position, in Iranian board exam.
  • Ministry of Health and Medical Education,Tehran, Iran. 09/2012
  • Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery residency shiraz university of medical sciences , Shiraz, Iran 09/2008 – 09/2012
  • Doctorate degree (MD) Graduated with grade "A". Tehran University Of Medical Sciences, school of medicine , Tehran , Iran 04/2007
  • Secondary education exam Awarded for being among the top 100 rank position in national university entrance exam in Iran. 08/1998
  • Secondary education National organization for development of exceptional talents. Shiraz, Iran 09/1994 – 08/1998
  • Member of European academy of facial plastic surgery.
  • Member of Iranian society of otolaryngology
  • Member of Iranian society of rhinology
  • Member of Iranian society of surgeons
  • Member of editorial board of World journal of Plastic Surgery
  • Book chapter; "Finesse in managing the secondary Persian nose"
    Manafi A, Rajaee A.
    "Secondary Rhinoplasty: By the Global Masters October 1, 2016 Rod J. Rohrich, Jamil Ahmad"
  • Injectable Cartilage Shaving: An Autologous and Long Lasting Filler Material for Correction of Minor Contour Deformities in Rhinoplasty.
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  • Concomitant Overlap Steal Tip-plasty: A Versatile Technique to Simultaneously Adjust the Rotation, Definition, Projection, and Symmetry of the Nasal Tip.
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  • "Mucosal pocket" myringoplasty: a modification of underlay technique for anterior or subtotal perforations.
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